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The Galaxy Note3 Neo from Samsung is now officially launched, with the price of Rs. 40,900. It has a 5.5-inch HD display and a hexa-core processor.



See every minute detail on the large, 15.2 cm (6) qHD screen on the new #MicromaxCanvasXL



Samsung has confirmed the list of devices which are sure to get the Android 4.4.2 Update soon. Is your device in in the list?




Toggle between your favourite app and assignments; flaunt the sleek keyboard and the premium leather case.

Here’s the all new #MicromaxP280http://goo.gl/TMiwgT




Nokia Announces the Treasure Tag, an NFC and Bluetooth Locator for Your Keys  http://www.androidheadlines.com/2014/02/ah-tech-talk-nokia-announces-treasure-tag-nfc-bluetooth-locator-keys.html





Moto G competitor Acer Liquid E3 to be launched in April for 199 Euros - Details




World's thinnest smartphone - Gionee Elife S5.5 with the thickness of just 5.5mm. Too slim to handle? the device looks excellent.







Nokia updates App Social, Storage Check and Xpress Browser for Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices http://goo.gl/rLwgSE


Several leaked images of the BlackBerry Z3 follow below.




BlackBerry’s first next-generation smartphone co-developed with original device manufacturer giant Foxconn has seemingly been pictured for the first time. Code-named “Jakarta” and thought to be launching as the BlackBerry Z3, the smartphone is expected to be the company’s first BlackBerry 10 device that will launch with an entry-level price point to more aggressively attack the emerging markets that had been BlackBerry strongholds prior to the proliferation of dirt-cheap Android phones.
As can be seen in the images below, which N4BB says are renders of the upcoming phone, the Z3 will be a touch-only handset with a design that bears a striking resemblance to recent Sony smartphones. Rumors suggest that BlackBerry will unveil the new phone next week at the annual Mobile World Congress trade show, and that it will launch in the coming months priced around $150.
According to an earlier leak, the BlackBerry Z3′s specs include a dual-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz, an Adreno 305 graphics chip and 1.5GB of memory.

BlackBerry Z3 Photos, Specs Leak | BGR




Next week, Nokia is expected to unveil its first Android-based smartphone next week at Mobile World Congress.
But what can you expect?
Nokia Android smartphone operating system

Of course this is the big one. It is increasingly looking like the Nokia X will come with a forked version of Google’s Android operating system.
According to information published by CamSpeed, the phone runs on a forked version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. That would fit with the idea that Nokia has been working on the phone for a number of months now.
Amazon – which also produces gadgets running forked version of Android – also uses slightly older and more stable versions of Android.
An article published by the Wall Street Journal builds upon that, claiming that the phone will not have access to Google’s Play store, but will instead come with a number of Nokia and Microsoft developed apps.
Those include Nokia Here maps, Mix Radio and Skype, along with other popular Android apps like Facebook, Twitter and so on.
Nokia Android smartphone name

Two weeks before Mobile World Congress, a Vietnamese retailer posted details of the smartphone on their website. They soon took it down, but not before WMPowerUser saw it and published details on its blog.
According to the retailer, Nokia’s Android smartphone will be called the Nokia X A110.
It isn’t the first time we’ve heard the name Nokia X either. In the weeks before it, @evleaks published a tweet suggesting that Nokia was likely to go with the name, but that it hadn’t been confirmed.
The name suggests that Nokia doesn’t consider it part of its Lumia line up – hardly surprising as it will probably want to keep the two brands separate as they run on different operating systems.
Nokia Android smartphone specs

Several leaks over the last few months have given us an increasingly clear idea of what to expect from Nokia’s first Android smartphone.
Details of its processor are still unclear, but it is expected to come with something around the level of a Snapdragon 400.
Other rumours have suggested that the phone will come with 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage and a microSD card slot. It is also said to come with a 1,500mAh battery and support for dual-SIM cards.
Little is know about its screen, but it is thought to be somewhere in the region of four to five inches and no more than 720p resolution-wise.
Nokia Android smartphone looks

Despite an apparent desire to keep its Lumia and new Android lines separate as far as the phone’s names are concern, looks wise the two are almost indistinguishable. That is if the images leaked by @evleaks are accurate.

From the images leaked so far, it appears the phones will be very similar to Nokia’s existing Lumia range with a large screen and colourful back which wraps around to the screen’s bezels.
It also appears from leaks that the phones will come in a range of bright, bold colours including blue, red, yellow and – perhaps unsurprisingly – Android green.
As far as the software itself goes, if the pictures are genuine, then it will look more like Windows Phone 8 than Android. Leaks so far have suggested that it will feature the same tile based design.

Nokia Android smartphone price

The same Vietnamese retailer that gave us Nokia’s name for its Android smartphone also gave us the best indication of the phone’s price.
We already knew that Nokia’s Android smartphone was likely to be cheap – owing to its intended markets such as Vietnam. However, what we weren’t expecting was for it to be as cheap as the retailer suggested – namely £66.
Of course, the phone is unlikely to sell for that price in the UK. For one, that price doesn’t take into account VAT, which is likely to add at least £13.20 onto the price.
We really wouldn’t be too surprised to see if eventually land in the UK for £99. However, we’ll have to wait until Mobile World Congress next week to see whether we are right or not.
Nokia Android smartphone launch date

When will you be able to get your hands on Nokia’s Android smartphone? Well, in all honesty, we really don’t know.
What we do know is that Nokia’s is extremely likely to unveil the smartphone at Mobile World Congress on February 24th 2014.
Even then, there is no guarantee that the smartphone will make its way to the UK immediately after that.
Facebook is Buying WhatsApp Messenger for $16 Billion
WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for iPhone and other smartphones that uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with friends and family.

The transaction includes $4 billion in cash and approximately $12 billion worth of Facebook shares. The agreement also provides for an additional $3 billion in restricted stock units to be granted to WhatsApp’s founders and employees that will vest over four years subsequent to closing.

Facebook notes that over 450 million people use the service each month and 70% of those people are active on a given day. WhatsApp's volume is approaching the entire global telecom SMS volume and it has continued strong growth, currently adding more than 1 million new registered users per day.

"WhatsApp is on a path to connect 1 billion people. The services that reach that milestone are all incredibly valuable," said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO. "I've known Jan for a long time and I'm excited to partner with him and his team to make the world more open and connected."

Jan Koum, WhatsApp co-founder and CEO, said, “WhatsApp's extremely high user engagement and rapid growth are driven by the simple, powerful and instantaneous messaging capabilities we provide. We're excited and honored to partner with Mark and Facebook as we continue to bring our product to more people around the world.”

Upon closing of the deal, all outstanding shares of WhatsApp capital stock and options to purchase WhatsApp capital stock will be cancelled in exchange for $4 billion in cash and 183,865,778 shares of Facebook Class A common stock (worth $12 billion based on the average closing price of the six trading days preceding February 18, 2014 of $65.2650 per share). In addition, upon closing, Facebook will grant 45,966,444 restricted stock units to WhatsApp employees (worth $3 billion based on the average closing price of the six trading days preceding February 18, 2014 of $65.2650 per share). As of February 17, 2014, Facebook had 2,551,654,996 Class A and B shares outstanding plus approximately 139 million dilutive securities primarily consisting of unvested RSUs. The Class A common stock and RSUs issued to WhatsApp shareholders and employees upon closing will represent 7.9% of Facebook shares based on current shares and RSUs outstanding.

In the event of termination of the Merger Agreement under certain circumstances principally related to a failure to obtain required regulatory approvals, the Merger Agreement provides for Facebook to pay WhatsApp a fee of $1 billion in cash and to issue to WhatsApp a number of shares of Facebook’s Class A common stock equal to $1 billion based on the average closing price of the ten trading days preceding such termination date.

You can download WhatsApp Messenger from the App Store for free.

Evad3rs Release Evasi0n 1.0.2 Beta to Fix Issues With Jailbreak of iPad 2 on iOS 7

The evad3rs have released Evasi0n 1.0.2, a beta release that hopefully fixes issues with the iPad 2 Models (Wi-Fi Version in particular). The update reportedly tackles the boot look issue that many of you had.

News for the iPad 2 wifi on 7.0.4: we looked at it with @planetbeing. We know what is the issue now, we're working on a clean fix.

1.0.2 (beta) is up on evasi0n iOS 7.x Jailbreak - official website of the evad3rs . Fixes iPad 2 wifi boot loop.

Download and Discuss here

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p0sixspwn For Windows Released

Earlier we reported that the p0sixspwn Windows jailbreak was nearing release and was in its final testing phase. Well, winocm, ih8sn0w and SquiffyPwn have just released p0sixspwn 1.0.3 for Windows -- the untethered jailbreak for iOS devices 6.1.3 - 6.1.5.

The Mac version will soon be updated to 1.0.3 as well (currently its 1.0.2). However, if you were experiencing issues with 1.0.2, we recommend you try 1.0.3 as it is more stable.

We will have a tutorial on how to jailbreak your device soon. You can head over the out p0sixspwn download page to grab the latest version of p0sixspwn!

Download 1.0.4 

Mac OS X (10.7+)
Download 1.0.2


Apple just released iOS 7.1 beta 3 to developers,

According to a screenshot from 9to5Mac, the update only includes bug fixes and performance improvements, though we’ll keep our eye out for a full changelog to see if there’s anything more substantial inside of the release.

If anything, this is another step toward the public release of iOS 7.1, which should be much smoother than what we have with the current release of iOS 7. It’s not immediately clear when that will hit end-users, though we expect it will follow in the coming months as Apple moves through additional iOS 7.1 beta releases and eventually gets to the GM build, which is the final one before it’s released to consumers.

6.1.3/6.1.4/6.1.5 untethered jailbreak for all devices

iH8sn0w, winocm, and SquiffyPwn have released p0sixspwn, an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3, 6.1.4, and 6.1.5 (includes A5+ devices)

We'll be posting instructions on how to jailbreak your device with the new software shortly. At this time, only a Mac utility has been released. A Windows utility is coming soon!

You can download p0sixspwn from here.
Mac OS X (10.7+)
Windows (Coming Soon)



iTools 2013 Build 1025 Released:
1. The new version is now compatible with iTunes 11.1.2 and iOS 7.0.3
2. Few minor bugs fixed.
3. A new app store is added.



Apple has just released iOS 7.0.4 with bug fixes and improvements.

Direct Download Links !!

.:: Apple Official Firmwares [All in One] [iOS 7.0.4] [DOWNLOAD]::.

For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:
Apple security updates

Source : iClarified

Nokia launch two 'phablets' and the Lumia 2520 Windows tablet

Nokia has announced a string of new devices at the 22nd october event in Abu Dhabi, the last products the company will make before it is taken over by Microsoft. They include a 10-inch, 4G-enabled tablet running Windows RT, a pair of 6-inch phablets and a trio of low-budget Nokia Asha mobiles.

Two new 6-inch phablets: the 1320 and 1520

Two new phablets were unveiled with 6-inch screens, taking advantage of the latest update to the Windows Phone operating system that allows for extra apps to appear on the home screen.

Both the 1320 and the 1520 offer high-speed mobile data with 4G as well as “supersensitive” displays that allows the touchscreens to be manipulated even with gloves on.

The 1320

The 1520

The 1320 has slightly less impressive hardware, with a Snapdragon 400 1.7 GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage (expandable up to 64GB); whilst the 1520 boosts these to a Snapdragon 800 2.2GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage (also expandable up to 64GB). 

Different as well the display resolution (HD 245 PPI for the 1320 while Full HD 367 PPI IPS clearblack for the 1520) and the camera module (5Mp on the 1320 while 20Mp pureview on the 1520)

The 1320 and the 1520, shown in the pictures, are the first phablets produced by Nokia and the first Windows phone phablets. The 1520 is also the first Windows phone device to use a quad-core processor. 

Both phones are also more fully integrated with Microsoft products, offering free storage in the cloud with SkyDrive, whilst the 1520 comes with Microsoft Office pre-installed, allowing users to read and edit documents on the go.

New apps on both phones include Refocus (a photography app that takes multiple pictures at different focal lengths, allowing users to change focus after capturing the image) and Beamer (lets users stream their phone’s screen through any HTML5 enabled browser over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi).

The 1520 will sell for $749 and also features a 20-megapixel camera and support for wireless charging via the Qi standard - this lets users recharge their phones simply by placing them on a special mat. Prices for the 1320 will start at just $339.

Nokia's 10-inch Windows RT tablet: the Lumia 2520

It seems an odd choice for Nokia to produce a Windows RT tablet given the imminent takeover by Microsoft, but the Finnish company are still playing to their strengths by stressing the connectivity and extra functionality of the Lumia 2520. The device will launch in time for Christmas, priced at $499 in the US with similar (but as yet unknown) costs expected outside US.

The 10.1-inch tablet comes with a full HD display (1920x1080 resolution) and is 4G capable. There’s also a slightly-less-than-full-sized “Power Keyboard” accessory that costs an additional $150 and adds five extra hours of battery life to the 11 hours already available from the tablet. 

With these features it seems that Nokia are hoping to position the 2520 as an on-the-go device that can be used for serious work.

Nokia's 2520 tablet uses Windows RT 8.1 - a version of the Windows 8.1 operating system that has less apps but comes with Microsoft Office pre-installed. 

The 2520 is the first Windows RT tablet not to be made by Microsoft themself. Although manufacturers including Dell, Samsung and Lenovo originally expressed interest in building devices for the operating system, they dropped out after Windows RT was criticized for its buggy and slow performance.

Nokia’s device (which keeps the unibody case and bright colours of all Lumia devices) hopes to fix this with a 2.2GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. There’s also 32GB of internal memory that’s expandable up to 64GB with a microSD card.











Unlock Lumia WP7 Phones via Reading PIN and PUK Codes

Supported Models:
Lumia 610 : RM-835
Lumia 610 : RM-849
Lumia 610C : RM-835
Lumia 510 : RM-889
Lumia 510 : RM-898
Lumia 505 : RM-923

Boot Repair WP7 Phones

Supported Models:
Lumia 610 : RM-835
Lumia 610 : RM-849
Lumia 610C : RM-835
Lumia 510 : RM-889
Lumia 510 : RM-898
Lumia 505 : RM-923

Factory Boot Repair Cherry Mobile Phones 

Supported Models:
Skyfire 2.0
Flame 2.0
Flare (S100) - Updated with Corrected JTAG Pinouts
Download AFP Files Here:

New ATF JTAG Exe version 1.04
ATF JTAG is Now Automatically Activated if ATF Box has 39 ATF JTAG Credits 


* Added 610 Qualcomm OSBL write via eMMC TP
* Added 610C Qualcomm OSBL write via eMMC TP

[WP7 eMMC Direct]

* Added PERMANENT UNLOCK for WP7 Phones Unlocked via PIN or PUK Codes (Disable RE-Locking)
Supported Models:
Lumia 800 - Qualcomm OSBL must be written to phone first (via USB Flashing)
Lumia 800C - Qualcomm OSBL must be written to phone first (via USB Flashing)
Lumia 710 - Qualcomm OSBL must be written to phone first (via USB Flashing)
Lumia 610 - Qualcomm OSBL must be written to phone first (via JTAG or eMMC TP)
Lumia 610C - Qualcomm OSBL must be written to phone first (via JTAG or eMMC TP)
Lumia 510 - Qualcomm OSBL must be written to phone first (via JTAG or eMMC TP)
Lumia 505 - Qualcomm OSBL must be written to phone first (via JTAG or eMMC TP)
* Added Restore DLOAD to Lumia 610
* Added Restore DLOAD to Lumia 610C

[General Updates]

* Complete Product Listing in Nokia.ini as of November 27, 2013)
* Complete WP7/WP8 Variant Listing as of November 27, 2013